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My favourite places to go swimming in Lagos - Nas

Swimming as sport, swimming for pleasure, swimming as therapy.

Growing up swimming was one of the little things we were allowed to do because it was within the estate and there was always a lifeguard during the swimming hours.

Swimming is huge part of I and my siblings life and we swim really good and also competed in school and within the estate during resident competitions. Those who lived in Warri back then would recall what they called sports for all like the Olympics hehe.

Migrating to Lagos it was tough getting a swimming pool. I wanted a deep pool. Most of the pools in Lagos are between 5ft to 9ft when we have up to 22ft pool in back home in Warri.

Accessing a pool back home was easy. Either your parents had membership cards or you knew someone who has one. That made it easy.

Here in Lagos, acessing a swimming pool is like luxury. You have to travel find a good one which is not around a bar! The part I do not understand is why almost naked people in bikinis and trunks should become entertainment for people who are having a drink. I feel the pool and the bar should be secluded.

For me swimming is life, it’s a sport I do effortlessly without thinking I am working out or a means to show off my swim suit which I never travel anywhere with.

Wondering where I bought them?  Yaba Market (try Ali express and thank me later).

I am always proud to say I started swimming at the age of 5 and one of my favorite things to do is float while looking at the sky.

That feeling for me is so satisfying.  I like it when the water massages my brain and calms me from the Lagos stress. it is a perfect way to escape. The trick to my floating technique is “to relax and free my mind from the thought, Oh I am Gonna die” lol.

Some of my favorite places to swim, relax and eat afterwards (because the rush of hunger after swimming is real) are Sheraton Hotel Ikeja  and the Executive spot at Glover court ,Ikoyi. I love these places because they are quiet, the bar is not close to the pool, they’re clean, the crowd is sane and moderate and you can relax in between your swim, read a book, meditate, listen to good music and eat fantastic food.

For Executive spot they let you swim till 9pm and that is great. This is my new favorite spot to swim in Lagos. I am going to keep that location under lock and key from my picture (those who know would know).

When I buy my first house, it must have a pool and I can decide to redesign it to my taste and make it as deep as I want and my kid or kids would have to start taking swimming lessons from when they’re 3 months old.  The earlier, the better right? I don’t want them to be 20 something and struggling to learn to swim while drinking gallons of water in the pool hahaha.

Swimming is for everyone not just for people from riverine areas.

Where are your favourite places to swim in Lagos?

We did this Instagram post a long time ago about the best places to swim in Lekki Phase 1. Check it out below…


Nasean is an adventure lover, a foodie and loves to travel. She’s also a regular contributor to Lekki Republic.Check out her post on cycling in Lagos here and the other one on Kayaking in Lagos.

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