The Top 10 African cities With The Most Millionaires

Back in the day, Africa used to be regarded as poor, thanks to the Western media who made people believe all there was to Africa was thick jungles with wild animals and starving children. However in recent years, there’s been a steady rise of high net worth individuals.
Europe’s luxury brands in fashion, cars, lifestyle and luxury living (Porsche, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) and Channel have established shops in Africa, thanks to the new wave of prosperity and rising number of millionaires in Dollars that are sweeping the motherland.

The millionaires of Africa used to be concentrated in Southern Africa where gold mining raked in a lot of money. Now they’re spread across cities from Nigeria to Ghana, Kenya and even Senegal.
A report by CNN has revealed that 7 luxury wine outlets established in Nigeria outsold the 600 stores in South Africa.

I bring to you the The Top 10 African cities With The Most Millionaires.

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