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An honour among thieves: my experience in Ajah, Lagos

Editor’s note: The other day, we called in for contributors for this platform. Quite some interesting people responded offering to share their experiences in Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Ajah, Lagos.

Here’s a real life experience from Amynah Dauda who shared a not so pleasant experience she had around the Ilaje area of Ajah, Lagos. Amynah will be a regular contributor to Lekki Republic so you should look forward to her write ups. Enjoy her story titled: An honor among thieves and don’t forget to share your own experience in the comments area.

The other day I almost got robbed! Okay! Okay! The word ‘robbed’ sounds a bit dramatic. More like a petty thief tried to steal from me.
Here’s what happened!
I was at Ilaje bus stop, just before the popular Ajah roundabout and was about to cross the road when this tall, dark, mysterious guy ( I read a lot of novels abi?) pretending to cross the road started to fiddle with my backpack, searching for my phone and money. Fortunately, I felt his hands and jumped away from him with my phone still intact. My money? not so much!
I must say, that thief impressed me. He did! The technique in it. If I wasn’t an upright citizen with a phobia for anything immoral *coughs* I would consider being a thief myself.
No, not that kind of thief. I mean, Ocean 11 with brains, good looks and a world class gadget kind of thief. Imagine the millions, Imagine the wealth, Imag…
Sorry! Got carried away!
Back to my point! So what if this stealing was some sort of karma to the times I stole meat from my mother’s pot? (lol)
The many angles I took just to get to it.
Or is it a coincidence, that a few days later, I witnessed another stealing. This time around, I wasn’t the victim, and this one was a bit peculiar.

Ilaje Bus stop Ajah, Lagos (Photo credit: Youtube)

I was in a tricycle Keke Marwa , ( I’m always somewhere. I should learn to stay at home) when one of the passengers stopped the keke driver, complaining her transport money fell off her hand while in the course of the journey. Of course, we didn’t think anything cynical was amiss. She looked responsible like a responsible woman, wore normal clothes, and didn’t have a scowl.  God, that disguise! Anyway, we stopped. ‘ Abeg make I go behind, go check for your money’ – she said.

I guess we should’ve known by now,  two minutes passed; five minutes going to seven, the driver decided to step out of his keke and go look for the woman since his other passengers were complaining.
Take a quick guess, did he find her?
A, Yes
B, Maybe
C, Tsk! The driver is a sucker!
If you guessed c, Ding!Ding! ding! We have a winner.
Money fell, yeah right! The driver had no choice but to move on. She must have banked on his other passenger’s impatience.
It worked!
So, my dear, you’ve got to be careful with thieves around the republic, and don’t say because you own a car you’re excluded. The other day, my friend’s three phones, and 10k was stolen out of her bag in traffic. To this day, we don’t know how that happened.

Experienced a funny incident around Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Ajah, Lagos? Please share with us in the comments area.

Amynah Dauda considers herself first as a writer, then a lawyer. A law graduate from Igbinedion University, she loves to sink her head into whatever book she can find. She occasionally writes fiction and prose, some of which have been published on African writers.com and Coal.  She is currently undergoing training in scriptwriting, and prays to God she finishes her first novel.  You can find on her various social media platform: Facebook mimidauda, twitter @amynahdauda93, Instagram Amynahhhh where she rants about life and her work.

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