Can I Call You After Now? 6 Things To Consider Before Giving Him/Her Your Number

What’s the point if you gave out your number to someone and ended up wishing you hadn’t done that afterwards? That’s the worst scenario, anyway. In other case, handing over your digits to someone can result into a feel of glee for you. So in order to ensure you experience the latter, here are things you should definitely consider before giving out your number.

Are You Sure You Actually Like This Person?

As soon as they ask for your number, you have a decision to make: Do I like this person enough to give them my digits? Do I want this person texting me? Do I want them to call me when I’m chillin’? Make sure you’re okay with those scenarios before giving them any of your info.

Or You’re Just Trying To Be Nice?

Don’t give someone your number if you’re just trying to appease them. Seriously.

It’s Okay To Say No

I hate feeling pressured to give someone my number! If you really want to be polite, just say that you’re flattered but nah. Even throw in “maybe some other time” if you really want to lay them down as gently as possible…though they probably don’t deserve it!

It Could Have Been a Whole Lot Of Talk

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, someone could be really keen on you…and then the next day not care all that much. Don’t take it too personally if you don’t get a text from that guy or girl. Move on to the next one!

If You’re Actually Interested, Make Sure You Get Their Number, Too!

Ha, so this has happened before: Some guy or girl asks for your number, you give it to them, but then…you don’t get theirs. If that happens, they probably aren’t interested, but they could have also just been a little absentminded or busy. Make sure you exchange texts so you can already have some conversation in the works, just in case.

They Could Blow Up Your Phone With Texts

So, y’all exchange numbers and everything seems fine…until this guy or girl really starts blowing up your phone with texts and missed calls! Yikes. Well, that’s something that can definitely happen. Prepare yourself for it, just in case.

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