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Tips To Maintaining A Healthy Work Relationship With Your Friend’s Husband

Ladies, it is completely okay to work with a man that is married to your friend but then, you need to exercise caution in your dealings with him and even in your comportment. This is because, you do not want to give your friend the idea that you are getting too overly familiar with her man and this could lead to suspicion, jealousy and eventually, a fallout.

This was the case between Yandy Smith from Love and Hiphop and her fiance’s assistant, Remy. A few months back, Remy took to her Instagram page to chat about the whole situation and Yandy also had words in response which we can all learn from. From it, I have developed these points to a healthy working relationship with your boss, particularly if he is your friend’s husband.

Dress for the job you want
Hanging around the boss in skimpy outfits that leave nothing to the imagination doesn’t tell well of you. You do not want to be seen as a whore but a lady with class and intelligence. Let people give you the job because they trust your skills and not because they want to get in bed with you.

Be professional
You may have had some sort of relationship going on between you both before you joined the company but when you join the company, keep all the familiarities at arms length and deal with him on a highly professional level. It becomes even more professional for you when you have no relationship whatsoever before your friend introduced you to him.

Educate Yourself
You may have a degree or not but just continue to increase your wealth of knowledge. Don’t assume that you know all that it takes to do the work. Invest in book, seminars and trainings. This applies to everyone in whatever field or career. You need to more knowledgeable than you were yesterday.

Never show up at all his events
Remy was always posting pictures of her in all of Mendecees events and this was something that Yandy pointed out. You don’t have to be at every event that he attends. Even a Personal assistant doesn’t have to stalk her boss that much. Be scarce from his social gatherings.

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