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Top Beaches around Ajah, Lagos

A beach is an amazing place to spend the day whether you’re young or old. They usually have a wide array of fun activities that makes them a choice location to have fun by yourself, with family and friends, your significant other,  work colleagues or for events.

Lagos being a coastal region is blessed with a lot of beach resorts, the republic included. A good majority of these beaches are located after Lekki phase 1.  If you’re looking for curated experiences around this region, Lekki Republic has got you covered.

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We have put together a list of the top Beaches around Ajah axis that you can visit. If you’ve been to any of these beaches you can join the convesration and share your experiences by leaving a comment below.

Before you continue, a heads up: Most of these beaches have entrance fees ranging between N500-N1000 per individual. This could go up at festive seasons, peak times and during events.

Here are top beaches in the Ajah axis of Lekki Republic, Lagos, Nigeria.

Attican Beach Resort

You get an artsy vibe as soon as you drive into Attican beach. The first thing you notice is the elevated stage where people showcase their dance moves. There’s a playground that caters for kids and “agbayas” like me (I know I can’t be alone). Closer to the shore there are huts of different sizes which you pay to use that’s if you came with your own beach gear and refreshments. Having fun at Attican beach Ajah is almost a guarantee and it boasts of neatness, safety and elegance.

Attican Beach also has a decent hotel within its compound, which all add up to why it is arguably the most popular beaches in the axis.

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Santa Cruz Beach

Santa Cruz beach is what I would describe as a rockstar beach on this axis.  They always have a show or a celebrity gig in the offing. This is definitely for the party people out there. If you’re looking to party and have a good time, this is the beach for you.

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Barracuda Beach

Elegance personified sums up this place. Very “tush” beach resort with a swimming pool and Air conditioned rooms. perfect for a family outing because it boasts a wide array of fun activities for all ages and sizes.

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Prime Beach

More private than most of the beaches on that axis – this explains its gradual rise in popularity. If you are looking to host a private event at the beach (party, a concert or a get together,) then this is the right place for you . It boasts of  a very neat environment. The food they sell at Prime beach is quite nice.

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Eleko Beach

Eleko beach has some historical significance and located in an area that is expected to become the new Lagos. Eleko is in Ibeju Lekki, a region that has in recent years seen an influx of commercial and real estate activities due to ongoing construction of the Dangote refinery, A deep seaport and a proposed airport. Back to the beach, Eleko beach is a nice place. It is ideal for taking long walks (I know its cliche but that one is for your pocket). Having a picnic here is a great idea for a date, getting to know your partner is key to a successful relationship (but then again i’m single so what do I know?!

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Alpha Beach


This is not necessarily in the Ajah axis but then again its not Lekki phase 1 so we have to let it feel among. It used to be one of the popular beaches in Lagos untill global warming and climate change almost destroyed the area. This got people got wary of going there but with recent government efforts, Alpha beach is slowly bouncing back. It may even return to its former glory.

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Think we missed out on any particular beach, feel free to let us know in the comments area. Don’t forget to share this article if you found it interesting.

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