Nigerians love fashion, no wonder it has become a lucrative business in the country. Because of its dynamic nature it keeps changing and coming up with new trends and styles. We discovered that a lot of people in Nigeria are very interested in fashion and are willing to learn designs, but they find it hard to find schools that can help them own and explore this passion, so we have put together a list of the top fashion schools in the republic (you’re welcome).

You need to know that the fashion industry is a great part of Nigerian life and there are a lot of fashion designers in Nigeria, who have managed to gain success and worldwide fame, and some of these designers have decided to set up schools to mentor the next generation of fashion designers.

So in no particular order, here is a list of the top fashion schools in the republic.

  1. Tiffany Amber Fashion School

Launched by Folake Coker, it is a 16 year old fashion and lifestyle brand with global appeal and a distinctly African attitude, revolutionizing the Nigerian fashion industry and pioneering the ready to wear market.

It has become a leader in the African fashion world, with a singular designer who has an innate sense of glamour and unfailing eye for timeless chic.

The brand has won numerous accolades over the years including Designer of the year at the Inaugural African Fashion Week (AFI) in 2009 and Fashion Brand of the Year at the Arise Magazine Fashion Week in 2012, and its collections have been seen in some of the World’s most prestigious cities including New York, London, Milan, Paris and of course all over our beloved continent of Africa!

It will be a great opportunity for one to learn under such a brand that has accomplished so much

2. Deola sagoe Fashion school

The name is synonymous to high end taste. Founded by Deola Sagoe, stepping into this high end Nigerian designer’s fabulous shop will let you know it’s anything but ordinary. The architectural structure reflects the unique fashion inside. You can expect to pay high end prices for this designers styles that have strut the catwalks in the US and Europe, to mention a few. Her funky jeans and t-shirts are anything but ordinary, and her bespoke dresses are designed just for you.

3. Lanre da silva

Lanre Da Silva Ajayi (LDA) is the founder of eponymous design label. In nine years her passion for fashion has gotten stronger making the label a fashion favourite among the media, celebrities and fashion lovers.

The brand first arrived in the fashion scene in 2005 with iconic 1940’s couture signature designs – a result of what has evolved into a much more modern and cutting-edge brand and a full-blown fashion house. The label’s collection includes couture, and accessories such as hairpieces and statement jewelry.

Regardless of the label’s strong historical design roots, LDA’s creatively combines pattern, print, exquisite and even traditional fabrics to produce day wear, evening wear, gowns and cocktail dresses that bridge time and make the label successful within and

4. GMYT skill acquisition academy

The House of Gmyt is One of the leading fashion schools in Nigeria. It is a platform for aspiring stylists and designers to learn firsthand tradecraft from Kelechi Oghene. GMYT Fashion academy is committed to creating the next generation of female fashion entrepreneurs in Nigeria. They teach the two types of fashion design, namely; free hand design and patterned design. our graduates are proficient in all design skills and illustration.

They also teach business management aspect of fashion to ensure that our graduates become properly rounded entrepreneurs. Then we give them visibility as well, so that they are assisted in building their own brands and fashion labels.

Students shall be able to gain from her vast experience working in local and international fashion scene.

5. Zapron Fashion School

Zapron Fashions limited is committed to produce fashion designers of international reputation. produce high quality fashion products. Zapron Fashions stands for excellence, creativity and innovation.

Zapron fashion school offers high quality, international standard training to her teaming students drawn from Nigeria and beyond. The testimony of their originality and creativity reverberates across Africa and beyond thereby making us a household name and positioning us as a fashion research center of international repute.

The interactive A.C fitted classroom with standby generator provides a comfortable ambiance where our valued students are taken through dress-making and fashion business processes with finesse

A Fashion school for Nigerians and Sub-Sahara Africans, that offer a six months Basic and Advanced Fashion training program for Youths, School leavers, Graduates, Workers/Executives and Retirees.

They have many Fashion designers who are award winners and international players in the industry that graduated from this institute.

6. Legs Apparel Fashion School

LegsApparel is dedicated to providing competent, professional sewing instruction in a friendly, pleasant surrounding while catering to the varying needs of different target market groups.

LegsApparel tries to cultivate a more personal and longer term relationship with the customer that cannot be achieved by road side teaching tailors.We simply teach to empower.

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