Lekki to MMA for 10K? How Uber Lagos drivers are using fake GPS app to trick riders

Multiple reports have revealed that Uber Lagos drivers now employ a new method to trick unsuspecting riders into paying higher fares for trips than the stipulated official fares through an Android app known as Lockito.

According to Quartz Africa,

Some drivers use Lockito to inflate fares by adding 1000 naira to 2000 naira extra (roughly $3 to $6) but some drivers are believed to inflate fares to exorbitant levels.

A trip from Lekki, a neighbourhood in Lagos, to Murtala Muhammad International airport is roughly 32 kilometers and would normally cost just under 3,000 naira ($8). ….some Lockito trips even cost more than 5 times that amount.

“It sets the false GPS movement while allowing the phone also to keep track of its actual movement. The Uber app can’t tell the difference between both so it just calculates both.”

When a driver uses Lockito for an Uber trip he or she can have the fake GPS running (and calculating a fake fare) from the pickup point to the drop off location, before the passenger has even got into the car. When the real trip starts, the real GPS starts running and calculating the actual fare. But at the end of the journey the fares from both trips (real and fake) are tallied up as one fare which the unsuspecting rider pays.

Looks like Uber Nigeria is even aware of the fraudulent practice adopted by it’s drivers but they’re  turning a blind eye to it.

Wale Adekile of Geek NG recounts reporting several fraudulent trips to Uber who have not taken any action. What do you think of this? Have you fallen victim to any of these sharp practices by Uber Lagos drivers?

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