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What Really Makes A Great Guy

What makes a great guy? When we talk about that in this 21st century, many different images come to mind. Some people think of being great as meaning clean-cut, or suave and charming. While the modern man who considers himself ‘great’ is in fact these things, he is also much more.

The modern great guy holds himself to higher standards of conduct in all areas of life. Here, we will discuss five tips for being a smooth guy in the 21st century.

A great guy is always well-groomed

Everyone has a different image of what well-groomed looks like. To some, it is clean shaven. To others, it is a neatly trimmed beard. The opinions will vary greatly, but one thing remains consistent: Whatever it is you’re doing, do it right.

A great guy shows others respect

One of the most basic but seemingly overlooked qualities of a modern day gentleman is that he will show respect to everyone around him. He will not be condescending or speak down to anyone, regardless of intelligence level or professional position. A man of quality is not afraid of equality.

A great guy puts others first.

There is no room among the gentlemanly for the selfish. There is no room for those who believe climbing the ladder means stepping on others along the way. There is no room for those who mistreat others for their own benefit or any reason at all. A gentleman isn’t kind to people because of who they are, he is kind to people because of who he is.

A gentleman will respect other men, women and children – and treat them with kindness. There is no need for a confident man to hurt another being in any way, as he gains nothing from it.

A great guy values his family and relationships

More important than professional accomplishment and success, is cultivating the relationships with the people whom you will share it with.

A modern gentleman will understand that no matter how far he makes it in life, it is better to be in a cottage with people he loves than it is to be in a mansion by himself.

A great guy always keeps the woman in his life happy.

It is important for a gentleman to hold high standards for how he acts when he is in a relationship. This includes never mistreating the woman in his life, or taking for granted. He will always value her and show her that he does. He will understand that the effort it took to get the type of woman he wants is the same effort it will take to keep her, and that a lady would never accept being taken for granted any more than he would.

He will never lose sight of doing the small things that make her happy.

Gentlemen are a rare breed in today’s society. It is important for men to strive for these ideals as well as for women to show the men their efforts are appreciated and recognised.

While many men reach for these qualities without any need for outside influence, we can also assume that more would put in effort if they knew how much of a difference it would make in their life.

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