World Malaria Day: Invest In The Future, Defeat Malaria.

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As we celebrate the World Malaria Day, I remember the many times I have been completely knocked off my feet due to this seemingly common disease which we take for granted but yet so deadly. While growing up, I remember my younger brother waking up with a loud scream and my dad for one split second thought he was acting out and he certainly was acting crazy. He got us all worried as we rushed him to the clinic only to find out it was ‘just’ malaria but some malaria that could have cost us some serious damage.

Many families have lost loved ones to this deadly disease as records even show, at least three quarters of malaria deaths occur in children under 5. Out of this number, only about 1 in 5 African children with malaria received effective treatment for the disease, 15 million pregnant women did not receive a single dose of the recommended preventive drugs, and an estimated 278 million people in Africa still live in households without a single insecticide-treated bed net. If this don’t scare you, then what will?

Africa is being plagued with the disease and we need to start investing in the future of our continent. Dreams are being snatched away by the deaths caused by malaria, homes are being broken by the rage of malaria, ambitions are being put to an end by the predatory disease called malaria. It is time to stand up, invest as much as we can now and let the future enjoy a malaria free world.

The World Health Organisation has put in place a guideline to eliminate the disease and I believe in their dream. This guideline which is a deliberate strategy to see malaria knocked down by reducing the disease burden by 40% by 2020, and by at least 90% by 2030. It also aims to eliminate the disease in at least 35 new countries by 2030. The strategy provides a comprehensive framework for countries to develop tailored programmemosquito

s that will sustain and accelerate progress towards malaria elimination.

You can play your part by speaking to someone about the dangers of letting mosquitoes breed freely in their abode. We need to take charge of our environment and do all we can to get rid of the mosquitoes and the deadly parasite it carries around. Use insecticides that are powerful, get an insecticide treated mosquito net and maybe buy for your neighbours if you can afford it. The rainy season seems to be lurking around in Nigeria and this disease sure know how to thrive. Let us make enough buzz and stop the mosquitoes from buzzing in our ears.

What will you be doing to celebrate the World Malaria Day?

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