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Wurld tries to appeal to Naija & International Markets with ‘Love Is Contagious’ E.P (My review)

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Ever since he released ‘Show you off’ featuring Walshy Fire of Major Lazer and Nigerian producer Shizzy, I’ve picked interest in Wurld, the Nigerian soul singer based in Los Angeles, California.


In truth, Wurld is no newcomer to the music scene. He’s been behind the scenes co-writing and making hits for music stars like Mario, B.O.B and Timberland.


Born Sodiq Onifade in Lagos Nigeria, the blue-haired singer found his love for music when he moved away from Lagos to the US for further studies.


Even though he has helped to give birth to world hits with his phenomenal kind of music, Wurld (note the peculiar spelling) has been mostly underground in the United States.

I dare to say he’s one of the most underrated artists in the US music scene.


Maybe that is why he remembered Africa and decided to do music for the Lagos crowd. He probably towed the footprints of D’Banj, Don Jazzy and Banky W who returned home to find stellar success with their music.


And boy, the kind of music Wurld has been doing? It’s been phenomenal.


Refreshing, away from the norm and 5 notches higher than the regular Nigerian songs, releases like Show you off, Mother’s Prayer, Trobul, Contagious and Nobody Wins have lived up to expectations.


These songs have often laced an up-tempo, Afrobeat instrumental with a soothing and sweet voice. I find Wurld’s infusion of his Nigerian roots and American influence quite refreshing.


However, on Love is Contagious E.P, Wurld leaves me a little disappointed on first listen. the full body of work leaves me thinking he is a little bit confused and not sure if he should make music for the Nigerian audience or appeal to the American audience where he has mostly been underground.


On Gbemisoke, Wurld leaves me vibing to the Sarz produced song. I’ve come to respect a Sarz-Wurld collaboration. The artist and the producer have found a perfect spot and they’ve even hinted a planned release of a joint album – Trobul.


Other songs I’ll rate top notch are Drown and ‘Wishes and butterflies’ even though the latter was disappointingly short. I’ll really nees an extended version for Wishes & Butterflies.


So what’s my review summary for Wurld’s ‘Love is Contagious’ EP?

I’ll give him a 4.5 for storytelling, 4.5 for production quality and 3.5 for not entirely doing songs for the Nigerian market in this body of work.

I hope Wurld comes back home. There is money, success and fame waiting for him from the fans in Lagos.

Check out the E.P on iTunes below…

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